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About Us

Unifragrance is incorporated in Malaysia, to conduct its' principal business activity in fragrancing and scenting. The Company works exclusively with Carvansons Limited (The United Kingdom) to create, market, distribute and manage high quality perfumery / aromatic oils, essential oils, carrier oils and extracts in Malaysia and Singapore, for manufacturers, OEM / white labellers, brand owners and / or wholesalers.

Vision Statement

Creator of valuable intellectual property assets to achieve strategic business growth.

Mission Statement

Assist in the creation intellectual property assets for potential and existing customers to meet market demands and ensure long term strategic business growth is sustained.

Value Statement

Unifragrance's organization culture focuses on one value; COMMITMENT.


Customers - to ensure customers feel comfortable and confident when dealing with the company.

Shareholders - to practice corporate governance and transparency in the organization, in order to safeguard shareholders' investment and achieve a reasonable return rate.

Employees - to provide good career opportunities by giving consistent on & off-the-job training to enhance business management skills and knowledge.

Suppliers - to understand suppliers' business structure and systems and extend full co-operation to them, in order to receive maximum service and/or material's monetary and non-monetary values.

Community - to educate the community in order to enhance and/or enrich their knowledge.

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